Firework 5k 2014: An event to support CDG research

Welcome to Firework 5k, a 5k running event to support CDG research.

The 2014 Firework 5k will be held on Saturday May 17, 2014 at Freeman Park.

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Firework 5k Information

About Hannah

New: The Hannah Mcclellan Tribute Page at Sanford Burnham is now available!

Hannah McClellan is a 13 year old girl currently residing in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Hannah is diagnosed with CDG 1a (Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation) with R141H/T237M mutations. An early scan revealed cerebellar hypoplasia, a near non-existent cerebellum, with symptoms that include reduced muscle tone, mental retardation and poor fine motor skills, to name a few. Despite this, Hannah has never allowed her limitations to dictate what she may do. Using her Rifton walker and AFO's for assistance, she has actively practiced Tap dance and performed in annual recitals where she received her five year award. She is currently a Cheerleader, both for her Junior High school and for an assistive all-star squad. Her cheerleading will be profiled in the upcoming issue of Idaho Falls magazine May/June issue.

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About CDG

Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation (CDG), formerly called carbohydrate-deficient glycoprotein syndrome,are a group of inherited disorders that affect a process called glycosylation Glycosylation is a process by which all human cells build long sugar chains that are attached to proteins. Together the proteins and their attached sugars are called glycoproteins. Glycoproteins, have many very important functions in the human body and are required for the normal growth and function of all tissues and organs.

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About Research

Scientists investigating CDG (who are called glycobiologists) have identified 19 types of CDG each with its own unique defective enzyme identified. While CDG is a rare disease, a great deal of new scientific information indicates that it may be more common than originally thought. There are approximately 700 cases of all types of CDG worldwide, it is probably only a few percent of the total patients. It is safe to say that the entire group of CDGs is severely underdiagnosed. CDG patients are often misdiagnosed early on because their symptoms resemble other generic disorders.

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Firework 5k is an event to support CDG.
Firework 5k, May 17th 2014 10:00am at Freeman Park

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